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No personal updates going worldwide so make sure you’re logged in (I should put you on my preferred list…but am fallible. Holler if I’ve missed you!) if you want to read my ramblings. Expect more of this very random stuff to be posted here irregularly.

Hope you had a smashing (!) Christmas and that 2006 is all that you could want it to be. This is a funny time – those few days between Xmas and New Year. Was hard to get back to work, but took some time out at a place called the Relaxation Centre – chilled out in one of those outdoor cedarwood hottubs, in a nook in a garden that also had a barrel (hobbit style) sauna and icy plunge pool (yeh, of course I did jump on in…twice!) Grapevines hanging off pergolas, ivy, fairy lights, steam rising off the water – what more could a girl want? Then I looked up through the haze and found big fat flakes of snow falling on my face out of the black sky. Fell really heavily for a while. Very, very magical.

In general, photos are up at (Mad_Cat) but to see the full set, you’ll need to be added as a friend. At the mo, I have pictures up from a recent trip. This is one of them:



Long overdue (PC broke for 3…count em, years!) travel websites upcoming as well as my own homepage for long lost friends – too many people have had to work too hard to track me down after my wanderings! Anyhow, I love to hate my computer, so pick up the phone if we need to catch up!


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That’s all folks.

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