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Weird times. The other night, several of my worlds, past and present, collided. That story is for another time – here is part of one from Ben Okri (Astonishing the Gods).

“…He travelled for seven years. He did all the jobs that came his way. He learnt many languages. He learnt many kinds of silences. He kept his mouth shut as much as possible and listened to all the things that men and nature had to say. He travelled many seas and saw many cities and witnessed many kinds of evil t hat can sprout from the hearts of men. He travelled the seas, saying little, and when anyone asked him why he journeyed and what his destination was, he always gave two answers. One answer was for the ear of his questioner. The second answer was for his own heart. The first answer went like this:
‘I don’t know why I am travelling. I don’t know where I am going.’

And the second answer went like this:
‘I am travelling to know why I am invisible. My quest is for the secret of visibility.’

Those who worked with him in those years saw him as a simple man. Actually they didn’t see him at all.”


“He was about to speak when another wonderful sight caught his eyes. He turned and beheld, in another mirror, a magnificent garden in which flowers bathed in a cleestial glow. As he watched, entranced, a white unicorn with an emerald horn trotted past gracefully, scattering enchanted beams of beatification..

‘I understand nothing…what do all these things mean?’

‘What do you mean by mean?…Things are what they are. that is their power. They are all the things we think they are, all the things we sense they are, and more. they are themselves. If they meant something they would be less. Whatever you see is your personal wealth and paradise. You’re lucky if you can see wonderful things. Some people who have been here see only infernal things. What you see is what you are, or what you will become. Many of our greatest men and women have been here for hundreds of years and have never seen the unicorn. You have just arrived and you have seen it.”

Here’s to seeing what there is to see and also the Room of Enlightenment at the British Museum, where resides a wonderful collection documenting Man’s quest to make sense of the world around Him. Share and share alike.

The Enlightenment Gallery –

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January 8, 2006 at 2:50 pm

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