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Honouring my mates.

A follow up to Mr Bri’s bulletin about how we met our friends (yah, you’re all real). I guess there are some mildly amusing stories here. Any artistic licence taken will have been purely for dramatic effect of course! 🙂

Onwards, in no order at all…

Brian (only just reunited): Arriving into NYC, due to circumstance we were shunted from pillar to post and Bri was the post – graciously offering to house us. It wasn’t until he gobbed in my face (I was in the backseat peering innocently out of the window, he was in the front projecting his phlegm for all available recipients on the New Jersey Turnpike!) that the bond was officially sealed.
EDIT – Just found a polaroid of Brian. On it, he had written, “I’m not stoned, just really tired. Your name is and I shall remember it.” Too right Bri!

Joana: Friend of friends of my cousin’s cousin (got that?) We share a birthday and 15 (count ’em) years ago, we used to write…about our mutual love of NKOTB!!
Joana on Madcat: hmmmm…..knew Madcat back in the 90s (I think it was 1990 through letter writing.) Madcat’s family knew the family of one of my close friends. Anway, to keep the story short, we clicked right away…and met up back in Penang, Malaysia. Both loved NKOTB….haha, and shared same birthdays. We just recently got united again…through MySpace and I hope to keep the ball rolling again.

Fara and Fawn: Twin#1 went to my school for a month or so. She hated it and left. Corresponded with my then best friend. I wrote to her – she said ‘write to twin#2 instead…she’s pretty much the same as me.’ Awwwww – I met them years later (flukey how we managed to get back in touch too) and turns out they are not the same at all!

Lou Lou: Met through this weird thing called the internet on an explorer’s forum, heatedly debating ‘that’ Tracey Emin. She is a cool cowgal and showed me round the V&A museum and the posh shoes in Harrods.

Calexico: In the desert, asking the barman the way to Mexico, I heard a favourite tune of mine being played on a piano. I whirled around and there was Joey, playing a song from his pre-Calexico days.

Heather: Penfriends from way, way back, in the dark ages before t’internet and electrickery existed. My US roadtrip started and ended with her (and her MADCAT, Sasha)
Heather on Madcat: Madcat and I “met” via regular old-fashioned mail about 15 years ago. We met in person three years later when I went on a tour of pen pals in England. We have kept in touch these past twelve years through occasional visits, letters and now this awesome myspace thing. She is the coolest girl in this hemisphere.

Kevin & Mel (Luckie Strike): In Jerzoi, went with a friend of a friend of a friend (yah, Mr Bri) to see his punk rawk buddies, Stick Figure Suicide, support a punk-ska band (Mel=singer, Kevin=guitarist). Said band turned out to be rather good and also great fun, we ended up following said band round Jerz. And I ended up following them to Cali. Bonded with Kevin on my 22nd birthday when he took me out on the tiles. I puked in a garbage can and he graciously supplied the bog roll and deodorant (conveniently purchased shortly before) and I have been eternally grateful ever since.
Bubba on Madcat: …I’ve often wondered about where your adventures had taken you since we met and it’s funny that after reading your blogs and looking at your profile that you’ve been doing exactly what I thought you would have been doing all this time.

Dana & Morphine: Met in a cafe in London. They were performing at the venue next door. They were famous or something. (Not something – best gig I’ve ever been to!) Randomly looked Dana up a couple of days after he joined this thing.

Ste: Fellow dEUS ‘fan’ (understatement).
Ste on Madcat: You were wearing pointy shoes…

Gareth: He had a music ‘zine, I had an arts ‘zine. He liked kitsch, I liked art rock. We wrote random letters then met over dictaphones at the Louisiana. He interviewed kitsch Bellatrix, I interviewed progressive art rock gods Zita Swoon (ex-dEUS).

Robbie: Walked into the desert and fell into his eyes.

Nick Cave: Sat next to him in the private cinema in Soho House, London. We wept as we watched an Alexandr Sokurov offering.

Maya: Like all good liaisons in Tucson, our forum was the Congress, Tucson. She was in residence. I was impressed. She sang me a song. I was more impressed.

dEUS: Went to buy their CD for a friend. By coincidence(!) they were doing an instore acoustic set. Random. Went to get the CD signed and the singer was adamant he had met me before. It was the start of something beautiful…if you like these guys, check out Sister Dew. A photo I took of the band is in there.

Greg: Lowell truckstop. A friend of a friend. We were moved on to make room for the truckers (go figure).

Marci: Penfriends. Once we said that we could do some LSD if I ever made it out to see her. I shipped up into the desert. We didn’t do the acid, but watched the sunrise over the mountains.
Marci on Madcat: Madcat was my penpal when we were young teens…i guess we began writing in 1990 or something like that. We wrote to each other for years. We met in person finally some time ago when she was traveling thru the U.S. It was wonderful to meet the girl i had written for so many years.

Kenny: One of the Subway (place of employment) Twins. He peered out from under his hat and grinned. It was the unmistakable grin of a fellow Twin Peaks fan. I helped him move house. We danced jungle, ate cherry pie and watched Twin Peaks till the sun rose.

Nick: He was playing with Giant Sand. We got talking. Somehow I ended up doing a website for an old band of his.

Garrett: He was ragmop-style buskin’ in town in Sound City ’95. A friend introduced us. And you know what? He speaks like he sings…

Or something like that? My memory is pretty fallible.

Whadeva! Like y’all enough to track you down on Myspace. Like a deer caught in headlights?

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