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Oh – haven’t had time to finish that last post.  Will get round to it sometime…no rest for the wicked right now.  Up at 5 tomorrow and I’m no morning person 😦  Greugh.

Met some Welsh guys on the train the other day and they were trying to figure out where I am from. ‘You’ve got a bit of something foreign in your blood’.  This has mildly amused me over the years.  Which of these (genuine guesses) am I?…

a) Tahitian
b) Brit-Kiwi mix (Maori)
c) Kazach
d) Chinese-French mix
e) Japanese
f) Tongan
g) Mexican
h) Polynesian
i) Mongolian
j) Korean
k) American Indian
l) Buryat/Russian
m) Inuit
n) Canadian Indian
o) Hawaiian
p) Other…

Any more for any more? 😉 

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January 11, 2006 at 11:43 pm

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