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[Chip off the old blog] Birdie Fortescue? Anyone? And serendipity…

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Have just had the news that my Mongolian friend, Gans, will be here in the next few weeks!  Have only  been waiting five years for this.  Wheeeee…I don’t think I’m playing ball with this blog – kind of making categories and updating/adding to them as I go. Sorry guys, you’ll just need to check back and see whether I’ve made an update.  Apologies, this post – like the rest are just indulgent babbling.

As an aside, these kind of things don’t happen to me ordinarily, but on the bus t’other day, the name ‘Birdie Fortescue’ came into my head and wouldn’t leave. I looked it up on the internet and it’s the name of an antiques shop in London. Anyone have any ideas, because I don’t ?! 

This one is dedicated to Serendip, the land of happy chance.

I’m teased because my most-used work is ‘random’. On a near daily basis, something strange or completely random occurs with no apparent reason until some time later, when all is revealed. I suppose that life is a series of random events, but sometimes it seems almost as if there is a grand plan – lots of adventures, lots of people, lots of…fate? Or just chance? My career and journeys have pretty much been determined this way (regardless of any intentions I had!)

Here are a random spattering of stories, the ones I can remember right now:

Received (randomly!) a shopping spree around Tower records in New Orleans. A record I saw there was by a musician whose name I recognised. A few years before, I had cut out his press clippings (reviews etc) as a favour for a friend who runs a record label. Then in a bar in Arizona, dropping by to ask a friend working there a question, I recognised a song being played on the piano. I turned around and there he was soundchecking…we became friends. Under another name, he collaborated with other musicians on a CD that was one of the ten that I had with me on my travels.

Was in Siberia when I met a guy from the same city as me – we shared some friends, but had never met.

My honorary older brother, Wayne, and I are double jointed in the same place(very freaked out when we found out!) So we are spiritual thumb twins.

At times I’ve been in need of very specific items of furniture eg a bookshelf of specific dimensions or a matching chest) and then they turned up on my street (people do that as an unofficial recycling scheme!) Has happened about 5 times. I told my sister I’ll try wishing for a harrier jet, as she wants to be a pilot and fly one.

Here is a Wayne story. In Bohemia (south Czech Republic), there is a town 3 hours by bus out of Prague. At the top of the town there is a palace. Walk through the many, many courtyards and at the back of the palace, there are extensive gardens. At the back of the gardens, there is a boating pond. At the back of the boating pond, a path leads past an oak tree.

Beneath this tree, I saw a perfect acorn nestled amongst the thousands of crushed ones on the path. I picked it up and put it in my pocket, thinking that I would give it to my honorary big brother. When I got back, I was rather embarrassed to give it to him; a bit of a girly and useless present. However, when I apologetically handed it to him saying, ‘There’s an oak tree in that’, he was stunned – for a few days, he had been having dreams about oak trees!

I baked a large amount (over 200) of cookies (choc chip with a hint of ginger) and decided to internal post packages of them to people around the various buildings of my current workplace! I sent out a note proclaiming their impending arrival, but after lunch the postman still hadn’t come…I was hmmmming and haaaaaing over what to do when one of the recipients came to see me – he had wondered whether I was having a problem with the post and wanted to see whether it would help for him to do all the deliveries! My colleague regularly gets to see these funny things that happen to me and was gobsmacked!

I was driving up the Atlantic Highway with some friends. I put an old tape on (almost 10 years old). We passed a signpost to Bude and my friend mentioned that Tori Amos lived in Bude. Before reaching Bude, we took the turning for Widemouth Bay. ‘Professional Widow’ – a song by Tori came on the tape at that very moment, playing as we drove along the road that sweeps around the bay, finishing as we left and entered Bude. I turned to my friend and bet her that Tori lived there and not in Bude. I looked it up on the internet and sure enough, she lived just outside of Bude and I found one interview that said she could see Widemouth Bay from her doorstep (on tiptoe) and one of her singles was filmed there. Wierd, eh? I have no other Tori connections.

Another Wayne one. Was sleeping on a bus when I woke momentarily. I opened my eyes – my best friend was waiting at a bus stop on the otherside of the window. He looked up at that moment. Then the bus moved on and I went back to sleep. Thought I’d dreamt it. It later turned out that he’d just got a text from a guy neither of us had heard anything from in years. He got the text, looked up and ‘argh!’ – there I was! The other thing is that I sleep on buses – haven’t missed a stop yet. Not sure how.

Really, really very urgently needed to get hold of a friend in Mongolia. I called his mobile and got through, but it turns out he had actually just departed on a two and a half week trip around the countryside and just happened to be passing through a city where he had reception – a city in which we’d spent my birthday in the previous year. Any later and I wouldn’t have been able to contact him.

If that’s not weird enough, I left Mongolia last summer, a few months later suddenly felt compelled to call my friend even though I was in London, en-route to somewhere. I stopped at a payphone in Hammersmith bus station. As it transpires, just as I’d left, an emergency had occurred and he’d been out of the city (and out of reception) until one hour before I called. People had been trying to contact him for months.  We had much news to share.

I am working on a project that should start this summer in another country and have been working out how to get an ‘in’ at a big company that recently paid $50m of the country’s debt.

A year prior I had exchanged a few messages with Tom, a guy who was living there.

At Christmas, a friend bumped into a guy from the Beeb. I met with him and the guy from the Beeb put me in touch with another guy from the Beeb. He mentioned a problem he was having. I remembered a relevant conversation with Tom and put them in touch with each other.

It turns out that not only can he help, but it turned out that he worked for that very company I had been trying to get to…not only that, but he does photography so can take me a on a virtual reccie. Not only that – he had just arrived in Britain. Not only that, it turns out that he was in the city where I lived that night! We met up though I was very, very freaked out by it all. The one person I had really, really needed to find was right at arm’s reach the whole way along.

More recently, it has happened again! I e-mailed Tom to find out when he would be in England again and he replied saying, “Your timing is immaculate! I’m in England and arriving in Bristol tonight.” My mind boggles!

I received a new chip and pin card and pin #. I have two pin #s I use – one for my own stuff and one for shared pins. The really strange thing was – the random number they generated was the second pin I use. What are the chances of that?

A misdelivered parcel turned up in my courtyard. For starters, have no idea how it got there as neither of my lodgers signed for it. A while later, I took it to the correct place on the next road over. Ended up (by mistake!) in someone’s back garden. The person in that flat happened to be drying their hair in the hallway and saw me through a small window. She came running out, shrieking my name – we went to school together. She’s lived 50 metres from my place for a few years, in the same number house on that street. Am still a bit weirded out…

Soooooooooo, I’m not religious, but there are still a lot of things that I haven’t made my mind up about yet. These kind of random events don’t really help to clear the muddy waters! Sometimes these things scare me, especially when a lot of them happen in succession, but I believe I should embrace life – no matter how freaky it may be. I definitely think I’ve been blessed on my travels…What does it all mean?  I have no idea – probably nothing. 

I also have just completely random things happen.  Like, one lunch time I was sitting in a deserted (because it was drizzling) park, writing an important and very emotional letter.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a man approaching me.  I prepared for an approach by a guy on the pick up, or a weirdo.  The man placed a huge white bloom next to me (picked in the park), said “that’s for good luck” and walked away.  I never saw him again.

LAST WORDS, if we’re talking cause and effect:
Even basic actions and behavious can profoundly affect others. A mini-story. I live near a bridge, a suicide hotspot. A friend of a friend passed someone on the bridge, smiled and said good morning to him. He leads meditation classes and months later, the man came to one of his classes. He said, “You don’t remember me, do you?…three months ago, you said hello to me on the bridge and because of you, I didn’t jump.”

Care to share the random events in your life?

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