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Hey, I don’t have all your e-mail addresses (what’s that about?…)  This Sunday begins my new year.  Here’s my card for the year of the dog (sorry, I don’t have most of your postal addresses either – perhaps you can refresh me?)  Get click happy here…

I want to take this opportunity to honour a few people that were close to me and passed on:

Ann ‘Tsi E’ Downie
Ann & Archie Downie
Passed away in pain on 18th July.
She really just wanted to be reunited with her husband.
I miss her so much – she was like the grandmother I’ve never really had.

Man Kam Po

My dad’s baby brother.  He was shot through the head.
His murderer has finally been found, so he can now rest in peace.

From a newspaper article:

18 June 2003

THE tiny metal office must have rattled with the impact of the gunshots, but the hitman showed no emotion.

After shooting businessman Man Kam-po, 41, point blank as he spoke on the phone yesterday morning, the hitman simply strolled out of the office, got on his scooter and rode away.

He paid no attention to Mr Man’s two employees, who had rushed out of another building upon hearing the shots.

Mr Man lay in the blood-spattered office of his outdoor car park business in Lok Ma Chau, and was pronounced dead in hospital.

The police suspect that the killing may have been the work of a professional hitman.

Said a police source: ‘The victim was apparently sitting in his chair when he was shot in the forehead at close range.

‘He was then shot in the back of his head after he fell to the ground.’

The gunman rode into Man Kee car park on a scooter at 11.30am. Witnesses said he circled the car park once before parking in front of Mr Man’s yellow container office.

It took only two minutes to finish his job. Mr Man didn’t even scream. A car park employee said he heard only the gunshots.

It is not known why Mr Man was killed.

My cousin Linda
Appallingly, I have no picture of her.  She died of liver cancer at 22, two days after going into hospital.  Really tragic and no warning.

Not being morbid or dwelling, just want to remember them, you know? 

The apartments upstairs are having problems with sewagey smells.  That’s what can happen when your cast iron pipes are more than 200 years (count ’em) old.  The drain man has been here putting his arm down the main line.  Nice job…He was sound as a pound.  He set a smoke bomb off.  He said we’d soon know if there were cracks in the pipe, because people would come running out thinking there was a fire 🙂  And they did.

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