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Yo – this will officially be my music posting! 

I have shedloads of music – much left over from my music reviewing days.  My favourites change with the wind, but here are some that I think are great for general consumption – everyone should own these!  Will add to as time goes on.  CDs you should you yourself a favour and listen to:
Jeff Buckley – Grace
This never fails to reach right inside of me and squish my inner organs around(!)  It does mean it’s the kind of CD I have to listen to by myself.  It’s haunting and an amazing legacy.  RIP Jeff.
OP8 featuring the ilk of Lisa Germano – Slush
A yummy wandering through folk and desert noir.  These guys are making music just because they love it.  A dark rendition of Sand, a husky Cracklin’ Water cover.  Find this.
The Best of the Mamas & The Papas
Gloriously hippy.  Sing and dance along – it’s good fun.  Good antidote to road rage.

The Best of Nick Cave
He is, quite simply, the man.  AND he is the only man that can fit ‘interventionist god’ into the first line of a song.

Morphine – Like Swimming
Bloomin’ marvellous.  The original moody whiskey and cigarettes music.  Unbelievably big sound for three guys.
Dead Can Dance – Into The Labyrinth
Epic tunes.  Skipping round world, weaving influences of the indigenous throughout.  Wonderfully moody in places.
Suede – Coming Up
Britrock at its best.  Soaring melodies, David Bowie-esque vocals.  Epitomises the mid-nineties alternative culture in Britain (butting heads with Britpoppers Oasis, Supergrass and the like).
Belle & Sebastian – If You’re Feeling Sinister
A super album of little melodies with wry lyrics.  Sometimes though, it’s complete inoffensiveness really annoys me!
dEUS – Worst Case Scenario
Unashamedly pretentious art rock.  Raw experimentalism meets supersweet song writing.  Infectious stuff.
Moondog Jr – Everyday I Wear A Greasy Black Feather On My Hat
A bluesy Tom Waitsy wallowing never goes amiss every once (or ten songs) in a while.
Songs I have had on my profile (NEW! with star ratings):
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Diablo Rojo***
Kate Nash – Foundations***
Zita Swoon – Jintro & The Great Luna (live, Band in a Box concert series, 2005)***
Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie***
JJ72 – Oxygen*****
De-phazz – Cut the Jazz****
Yat Kha – Amdy Baryp, Live*****
Every Second Counts – The Switches***
Perez Prado – Guaglione*****
Massive Attack – Black Milk****
Suede – Picnic by the Motorway****
Milla Jovovich – Bang Your Head***
Bonnie Prince Billy – A Minor Place***
Masters of Disguise – Little Song***
Blur – The Universal****
T Rex – Children of the Revolution****
Martin Grech – Open Heart Zoo*****
Space – The Female of the Species***
Nick Cave – Do You Love Me?****
Stereolab – Ping Pong***
Jack Johnson – Breakdown***

So back to the title – better known reference to Queen, lesser known reference to a dEUS film and also lil me’s life…

My  plate has been very full of late.  I was in need of a little time out, but didn’t know where to turn.  Someone must have heard me because out of the blue, I’ve been offered up, by different friends, a trip to a monastery in the Gobi, free run of a villa in Orlando, a wedding in the Keys, a home in Oporto, and an apartment in Turin.  Quite amazing.  If only I could be in five places at once! 

My shoulder aches a little – last night I found a beautiful chair in a skip, but had to carry it a mile or so, like a turtle shell on my back.  Bloody heavy, but worth it.  Then a stranger gave me a rose!!  Lovely, but it just made the chair more difficult to carry…:-)

The other day I watched a tree being cut down.  Somehow, it had found a home next a derelict site within the harbour walls, growing right out of the water.  The site has been bought and the tree had to go.  It was quite a sight, watching the tree surgeon leaping from tree to pontoon to the Harbour Master’s boat, chainsaw in hand.  It looked about 60 years old at least.  They (trees!) are such magnificent things, it was sad.  And around the corner, just above the waterline, there is “Banksy-style” stencil graffiti on an old brewery building “‘a masterpiece but – the blood and moaning of so many people are echoed in these harbour walls”. 

I’m done contemplating – let’s just get on with it

Currently listening :
The Collection
By Terry Hall
Release date: 1992

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January 30, 2006 at 4:20 am

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