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[Chip off the old blog] A bearded stranger with wildness in his eyes

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A murder in Patchway?  Times are a-changing.

I spent the evening helping out a friend the other day – cooked her some food for the week, carried her laundry…that kind of stuff. Her neck, jaw and shoulders had seized up and she was immobile.  Brought me right back to when I was 18, just before my second year of university.  One day I was fine, the next day I was in a wheelchair.  My back had gone on holiday without me. Inexplicable. 

I recovered, and my perspective started to shift (the words of Horace, “caelum non animum mutant qui trans mare currant”). My soul ran across the sea, but my spirit didn’t change. Simple as that. 

Many a notebook I have filled with random ponderings.  In one, I wrote about amazing people I had met.  I wrote this, “He bridges the real and imaginary – making the unreal tangible, questioning the real. I only know his creations and a bearded stranger with wildness in his eyes.”  But he has been lost in my mind, and I am only left to wonder who this bearded stranger may ever have been.  In honour of him, some pages (scanned at random!) from one of these notebooks (not to be confused with any kind of sketchbook!).  They don’t amount to much, at all:

Control Perspective Perception Light of my life


A routemap Till the End of Otherworld 4 = infinity All life is here 'A day' event

These are never the quiet times

“Even if no sounds are being made, the echoes reverberate through the weeks and years.  Absolutely resounding in more ways than one.

Why do people search for silence in the way of Gaia, the earth mother – so that they can hear their thoughts more clearly.  There are always your throughts and somewhere under that…your heart beat.  The Earth’s beat.  Gaia’s beat?  A pattern beneath the chaos?  So these may not be the explosive times but they are far from quiet.”


“There is a man who has had his face sewn back together and I’m sure he sometimes forgets until he sees the horror and the people that don’t know where to look…I couldn’t even see into his eyes. I pretended I wasn’t looking but he had seen already.”

Dreamcatcher – catch me if you can.

“What is my dream?  And do I still have it?  Is it world peace or is it peace from my fears?  A clue about life?  Or does it all just come down to mutual respect?  Can you spend a lifetime treasuring it?  I think my dream is not to waste a moment. Live all that life will give me.  It’s about the choices and the answers to the questions.

Let’s play catch.”

“The road goes ever on and on and others follow it who can” – someone paraphrasing Tolkien

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February 4, 2006 at 4:05 pm

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