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Current mood: amusedI don’t know that I shall ever forget the conversation I had with a complete and utter ignoramus I met at a party tonight:

“I’m from Hong Kong.”
“My dad is from Hong Kong.”
“Oh.  I thought you were Hawaiian. (Ha ha – another to add to my list)  Do you speak Chinese?”
“No, but I understand Cantonese, Hokkien, Hakka and a little Mandarin”
“It’s a little like Hokkien” (actually it’s one of the predominant dialects in Hong Kong after Cantonese)
“Hokkien?” (blank look)
“Which part of Hong Kong are you from?”
“Hong Kong is a really small place”
“Not that small…(six times the size of Washington DC) 
Where are you from?”
“I’m from Kowloon.”
“Which part of Kowloon.”
“…”(blank look)
“Which part of Kowloon.”
“What do you mean?  Hong Kong is all one city.”
“What part of Kowloon are you from?  Sham Shui Po?  Kwun Tong?…Do you actually live there?” 
“I don’t know what you mean, it’s all one city.”
Eh?  There is more than one city. 
My father comes from the area near Yuen Long”
“…”(blank look)
“Do you actually live there?”
“Yes.  I go home every holiday…it takes thirteen hours to fly. Have you ever been there?” (blink blink)
“At least seven times…we have a house in our family village.”
(and even though I don’t live there permanently, I know friggin’ well that Hong Kong isn’t all one city!…she can tell that to the people working in the paddy fields round my village if she likes)
“…”(surprised, she looks at me as if she still thinks I’m Hawaiian and that I’m having her on)

And Joana – though I know it’s not quite the same, don’t you dare post saying that Malaysia is all one city and that Penang is a suburb of KL!!!  Or that England is all one big farm.

Addendum:  Spoke to my father about this.  Apparently a lot of people from the New Territories won’t admit this fact – because it all used to be peasant farmland.  Ironically, many of these villagers are now rich because their fields have rocketed in value…but the stigma remains (and village life has changed for the worse with no turning back, but that is another story).  Personally, I won’t ever understand this, it is where they are from.  It’s a crying shame if we run from what makes us who they are.

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February 6, 2006 at 1:01 am

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