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Yesterday at work, we were in a bit of a fix and to bail us out, I ended up doing a shedload of complex calculations (hope I did ’em right!)  Delved into a part of my brain that I hadn’t used in oh so long…maybe 10 years.  For all my arty farty ways, I really miss solving maths problems.  There’s the rub.  I never consider any of my artistic creations to be finished and yet in Maths there’s always a solution .  You just have to find the way.  If only that ease was universal. 
There’s something very pure about Maths.  Sometimes I come close to understanding the obsession of Pythagoras and his followers.  They thought the secrets to the world were bound up in mathematical form.  It was clouded in mystery and illegality then.  Cloak and dagger – the truth has always been perceived as a threat.  We think now of science as de facto.  But there was a time when it was an art – in the period of Enlightenment, when Man was making sense of the world around Him; beyond fanciful belief, superstition and wonderment.  Having conquered the world’s penetrable territories, He tried to make sense of His world – being creative with the instruments, tools and techniques that were available to Him.  It was whimsical thinking for the rich and not to be taken seriously.  Science is now staunchly prized, by some, over art and vice versa.  Yet, how far apart are they really?  There are so many spillings over – light, pigment, composition, structure, understanding.  I’m not sure that Arthur Koestler was far off the mark in saying, “Einsteins space is no closer to reality than Van Gogh’s sky.”  In one form or another, we strive to impose order on the chaos that is our world.  If you beg to differ, you’re missing the point.

still remember when a substance with oval atoms was discovered.  I realised then that molecular theory was just that, a theory.  Just as medical diagnosis can be imprecise guesswork.  We long for explanations of why and our existence.  Put structures and rules in place to protect ourselves…from…I can only think ourselves and anarchy?  But we’re weaving ever more complex patterns around ourselves, creating questions that we can seek the answers to whilst actually, so many of us just yearn to sit still and be.  I  do like the comfort and protection of a family and society (that sense of belonging that every human looks for), but I need to make it work for me just as much as it needs its members to pitch in and contribute.  It’s the people in that community that make it – without them, it languishes and fast approaches extinction.  I don’t think it’s all or nothing by any means.  There is always a choice.  Live by the rules, break the rules, make your own rules, never read the rules in the first place.  There is no machine sucking us in, but the one we perceive and hold onto.  We freely hand over and supply the Power ourselves – out of fear of what else there may be.  The power needs to come back to the people.  Consciousness of action – that’s what I believe in.  It’s up to us what we embrace.
And to some, Maths still holds esoteric promises – I wish luck to Ilija, a Cypriot, obsessed with circles.  He was in pursuit of a reality that would be revealed by circular, not linear planes…his near-mystical quest for ‘reality’ has led him via the whirling dervishes of the Sufis and didgeridoo playing of the Aborigines. The next stage will take him to temples in the mountains to find the beginning of nothing (Zero).
My mind does wander so.  What is this all about?  I love art, I love science.  Am I boring you yet?
Half a scribble, my friend…


“Hilary went to the catholic church because she wanted information
The vicar, or whatever, took her to one side and gave her confirmation
Saint theresas calling her, the church up on the hill is looking lovely
But it doesnt interest, the only things she wants to know is
How and why and when and where to go
How and why and when and where to follow
How and why and when and where to go
How and why and when and where to follow”
“One foot in sea, and one on shore” – to quote the bard, which I don’t often do.

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Written by marnova

February 9, 2006 at 5:54 pm

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