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[Chip off the old blog] 100 things

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A little while since I posted.  Change is afoot.  I’m not sure of the destination – I’m sure it will become clear.  Amongst other things, I have made a decision to leave one of the jobs that pays my bills.  I love it, but circumstances…Annnyyyyyway, I am deep and meaningful-ed out, so some hardcore facts.  Can you possibly be interested?

100 (completely random) things you (can’t possibly and probably) don’t know about me

  1. I am sensitive to certain foods (complex carbohydrates)  They make me sleepy, potatoes are the worst – they make me fall asleep. No shit.  It’s all about seratonin.
  2.  In a school report, I was once described as “quiet as unsociable”.
  3.  My childhood ambition was to be a physicist even though I didn’t know what physics was.
  4.  My blood sugar levels are rather volatile (crash faster than most).  If I don’t eat for a while, I get cold (it starts with my nose), then get shaky, then feel suicidal. If I leave it too long, I pass out.
  5. Though I am not short of words, I’m a very private person. 
  6. My typing speed is about 85 words a minute.  I learnt on a manual typewriter.  Old school!
  7. I am double-jointed in my left thumb.  So is my best friend.  Pretty useless.
  8. When I was about 5, I had a pair of pink clogs.
  9.  My hair used to be straight but now it’s wavy.
  10.  My second toe is longer than my big toe.
  11.  On 11th September 2001, I was on a train from Beijing, China to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
  12.  I have two small “spontaneous keloid” scars that appeared on my shoulders.  Battle wounds from a previous life maybe?
  13.   I was once wheelchair bound.
  14.  I don’t handle certain(!) heights very well.
  15.  I was born around 1am in the morning.
  16.  I am alcohol intolerant but nothing of particular interest happens.
  17.  I can understand Cantonese, some Mandarin, Hakka, Hokkien and French.  Fluentish in Russian.  I find languages hard to learn though.
  18.  Am laid back but the numero uno thing that gets on my wick is if I think someone is lacking in due respect for me.
  19.  My favourite thing in the world is dreaming a damn good dream.
  20.  I have met 4 of my 5 musical heroes (Nick Cave [well almost met], SKC, Mark Sandman, Howe Gelb).  The fifth I passed up the chance (Jeff Buckley, alas) and now never will have a repeat opportunity.  May he rest in eternal peace.
  21.  I used to dance.  Mainly contemporary, jazz, salsa,  merengue and tango.
  22. These days, I have a slightly poorer than average sense of  balance, evident in my horseriding and skateboarding!
  23. I have been to 37 US states.
  24. I am honest guv’. So much easier.
  25. I only offer help when I mean to follow through.
  26. I almost had a breakdown when I was 19.   Year and a half recovery and then some.
  27. Once I fell off a seven-foot wall onto concrete ground.  I was unharmed.  A miracle.  Hallelujah!
  28. A secret secret.  I desire true love.  No imitations accepted.
  29. Though I love gadgets I do not care for cars or phones (of which I have a Mitsubishi Carisma and a Nokia 6630)
  30. I grew up above and in a Chinese takeaway.  My favourite meal from there is beef and mushrooms.
  31. I was an only child for almost ten years.
  32. I love filling in forms.
  33. I have never had a permanent job.
  34. I rarely drink hot drinks.  If I do, it will be Green and Blacks Organic Hot Chocolate made with full fat local milk, freshly handground Guatemalan Elephant Coffee (with milk), strong Red Bush/Rooibos tea (no milk) or plain strong builders tea to dip Rich Tea biccies into.
  35. I take really hot showers.
  36. I prefer jumping or bouncing to walking.
  37. I like to run downhill.
  38. When I am away, I miss the hills of Bristol.
  39. I have considered living in Moscow, Mongolia, Hong Kong and NYC.
  40. I am loyal to the end.
  41. I used to be fanatical about NKOTB (ssssshh!!)
  42. Apparently I have an ‘English’ nose.
  43. I subscribe to 3 magazines, but you wouldn’t ever guess them:  NGamer (Nintendo), Computer Shopper and T3 (Tomorrow’s Technology Today!!).  I also buy Computer Arts, Sew Hip and ‘The Week’ with fair regularity.
  44. I have  been on a red carpet once.
  45.  Food quirks marmite and dairylea sandwiches; special fried rice with sweet and sour sauce; chips with salt, pepper, vinegar, ketchup AND my dad’s curry sauce.  I have a known love of good food, but my absolute favourite is probably fresh from the oven loaf of white bread (pref. milk loaf) and water.
  46. I think the first film I saw in the cinema was Snow White.
  47. I have cried at one film.  ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’.
  48. I went to an all-girl school.
  49. I hate speaking or performing for groups of people. 
  50. I have been a bridesmaid twice.
  51. I am shy.
  52. I like doing athletics.  Particularly high jump until I injured my back.
  53. I sang alto in a choir.
  54. I have problems remembering names of people I haven’t met and dates.  Making retelling stories and studying history pretty abysmal.
  55. VERY LITTLE KNOWN FACT I am a boy when it comes to technology.  Mad into gadgets and computers, but have little time to indulge.  I hold back on the gadgets, but have a games room with Nintendo through the agesNES, SNES, N64, GameCube, GB, GBA plus Playsation, bongos, dance mats etc.  And I still buy games, thinking I’ll have the time to play them one of these days!!
  56. Still on the technology tip I can fix your PC if you want.  I have 8 years experience delving into the innards of computers.
  57. My Nine Star Ki number is 5. In the middle of the number square (5 is the magic number)
  58. I love singing old-school hymns (Jerusalem, Te Deum etc), especially in cathedrals.
  59. I consider myself to be a renegade buddhist (vs Buddhist).
  60. When it comes down to it, I don’t care for anything except for the health and safety of my family and people I love.
  61. Fast lane diplomat was the single career suggested by the ‘answer 1000 questions and we’ll suggest a range of careers for you’ programme that I completed when I was 17.  I was put off by the sound of the assessment center, otherwise I could have been a spy by now!
  62. When I am really depressed, I put on a red dress and walk around town.  When I used to live near London, I’d walk and enjoy the anonymity.  Then go to Leicester Square and watch whichever film was on next between all the cinemas.  Saw some amazing and terrible films that way.
  63. About 5 years ago, I decided to stop listening to my walkman and listen to what was going on around me instead.  Try to keep plugged into life.  
  64. Moneywise my weakest point is books.  I can’t resist the knowledge and journeys they offer.
  65. The photographer I admire most is Alex Smailes.
  66. I live by a philosophy of ‘no regrets’.  Regret is useless if we lead our lives with just a little consciousness. 
  67. I used to wish that I had an older brother.  Now I have two honorary ones.  Result!
  68. I wanted to be the one that made the film version of Lord of the Rings.
  69. I grew up on Star Wars, the Sound of Music and Grease.  The musical soundtrack to my childhood was ABBA, The Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Tom Jones, Glen Campbell.
  70.  I have only been to two weddings and one funeral.
  71. I have a family village, complete with ancestral halls.
  72. I have had a stalker and also an obsessed SWF-style friend.
  73. Amongst my favourite books are Lord of the Rings (Tolkien), The Little Prince (Antoine de Saint Exupéry) The Reader (Bernard Schlink), Angela’s Ashes (Frank McCourt), Sabine’s Notebook (Nick Bantock) and The Journey is the Destination (Dan Eldon).
  74.  At school, my main passions were for Chemistry and Art (also computing, but for some reason, they skipped my year so I taught myself).
  75. Mosquitoes love me more than ANYONE I have yet met.  Unfortunately, I’m also allergic to some of their bites.
  76.  I won’t give homeless people any money, though I will give them food.  I figure my father came to the UK with less than they have.
  77. I love sleep but can function optimally on 6-6 hrs a night.  I usually get less, with a big sleep once a week!
  78. I dream in colour.  Weird ass dreams too.
  79. I wake several times in the night, but go straight back to sleep.  I get freaked out if I sleep the whole night through and don’t see the morning approaching.  I like to sleep open air.
  80. I am right handed but used to be ambidextrous.  Would like to retrain myself.
  81.  I love Berghaus for their hiking boots.  
  82. Would like to live by the sea one day (and be an artist).  That would mean leaving Bristol, where my a good part of my heart is.
  83.  When it REALLY buckets it down, I like to dance in the rain.
  84. I believe that smiling and good chocolate cake can get you a lot of places.
  85. If I sing around you, it means I’m comfy in your presence.
  86. When I wake up in the morning, I sneeze.
  87. I am an anime geek.  Quite specific though and mainly childhood related. I love Ulysses 31 (childrens cartoon series based on Homer!) and Mysterious Cities of Gold also some stuff like Mobeus and Miyazaki.
  88. I once had to run from my friend’s house because he was trying to seduce me!
  89. The person I miss most in this world is my 4th Auntie (Tsi E) who died last year.
  90. I like RPG adventure games those girly ones where you walk to something, open it, pick something up, walk somewhere else, put it there and something happens.  Gosh, that even sounds boring to me!
  91. I believe that education is the way forward.
  92. I am asthmatic, but as ever it’s a weird kind of asthma and my doctor lets me prescribe my own dosages!
  93. I am in a constant state of wanting to put on a white cotton dress and run through a meadow of waist high grass and flowers!!
  94. Though I think it is amazing, I find the internet a bit scary (in how it is changing the way we relate to each other and emphasizing the Dark Side)
  95. The person I respect most is my father.  Not many people know that or are surprised to find that out, because they don’t see a fraction of all that he is.
  96. I have never been in a fight.  I have shouted at one person.  He really pressed my buttons!  Grrrr!  Neither of these facts mean that I am passive!
  97. I was at the Salman Rushdie riots in Westminster Square.
  98. Strange coincidences happen to me on a near daily basis.  Sometimes it perturbs me.
  99. My parents showed me that your dreams are within reach with hard work and some luck.  Equally, that they’re only worth having if you think you believe that they are achievable.
  100. Part of me would like to be a lady of leisure so I can do what I want (a lot of things!) when I want and see the people I want when I want.



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[Chip off the old blog] Hungry?

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Have just had an awesome few weeks with a good Mongolian friend.  A conversation we had:

“When I marry, I will try to be faithful.  But I definitely won’t take a mistress or a lover…I will just have sex with different women.”

“Because it’s so hard to be faithful?”

“Would you be happy eating the same food for the rest of your life?”

“That would depend on how much I loved it.”

“Cultural difference?”

For him – having sex was like eating.

Then last night I watched a documentary about the Bonobo monkeys in the Congo.  Peaceable creatures unlike their close relation the chimp;  the commentary theorised that because the Bonobo have sex at every possible opportunity – even mid-charge, it took the aggression out of their daily life. 

Left me with a few thoughts.

The worst translation ever?
“Since October 16 2002 on Aeroflot flights over 5 hours the most small passenger – an childrens before 2-h years is given baby road set, in composition which enter the subjects a hygiene and first need during journey of the tot.” – from the official Aeroflot website

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March 9, 2006 at 6:08 pm