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Have just had an awesome few weeks with a good Mongolian friend.  A conversation we had:

“When I marry, I will try to be faithful.  But I definitely won’t take a mistress or a lover…I will just have sex with different women.”

“Because it’s so hard to be faithful?”

“Would you be happy eating the same food for the rest of your life?”

“That would depend on how much I loved it.”

“Cultural difference?”

For him – having sex was like eating.

Then last night I watched a documentary about the Bonobo monkeys in the Congo.  Peaceable creatures unlike their close relation the chimp;  the commentary theorised that because the Bonobo have sex at every possible opportunity – even mid-charge, it took the aggression out of their daily life. 

Left me with a few thoughts.

The worst translation ever?
“Since October 16 2002 on Aeroflot flights over 5 hours the most small passenger – an childrens before 2-h years is given baby road set, in composition which enter the subjects a hygiene and first need during journey of the tot.” – from the official Aeroflot website

Now playing – Okna Tsaham Zam, Shaman Voices (cool guy from Kalmykia…)


Written by marnova

March 9, 2006 at 6:08 pm

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