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[Chip off the old blog] The eagle has landed

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Back where I belong.

Arrived in Ulaanbaatar a few hours ago.  Flight from Moscow was only 5 hours, but left around 8pm and arrived around 7am local time.  Lost the whole night, so mega spaced out! 

No problems with people thinking my passport wasn’t real or my bra underwire setting the metal detector off this time!  Baggage made it all the way too.  Really – seems that it’s altogetherly too easy to get to Mongolia these days 🙂

Plane was old, ex-Communist model.  Very cramped – no room for bags…or legs.  I guess comrades didn’t have the need?  I’ve been in far worse (MIAT for starters).  Lots of foreign dudes hitting on the beautiful Mongolian ladies, who have quite short thrift for losers.  Very funny.

Met a cool guy in Moscow (great because Sheremetyevo airport is so very dull).  Hope to catch up with him later on in the trip.  You can never tell out here.  Doing this trip proper Mongolian style – no plans as yet, meeting with Gans in half an hour to work out what’s what.  SE Gobi and Uyanga I think…who knows?

Degi and Toroo have expanded their guesthouse on Peace Avenue.  I’ve helped them out in the past, but was still surprised when they presented me with their largest (family-sized!) room for free – seems that I am guest of honour.  A very lovely home from home.

Hope all is good with you and yours, at home and away, in love and war.



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May 13, 2006 at 11:20 am

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