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I have often wondered how ice cream vans can make enough money to keep going…

It recently clicked into place when someone mentioned the drugs van was nearby.  I thought they mean the drugs busting squad, but apparently not – an ice cream van that plays the James Bond theme tune and sells goods from the van.

Am I the only person to have been so naïve not to have known that you could ask for more than a flake with your Mr Whippy?!

PS.  Apologies if I have been out of touch, slack, generally rubbish, inept, disorganised, absent, all of the above…my car crash affected me more badly than I could ever have imagined and I got worse and worse over the month after the crash.  Have been struggling since then.  Now I’m finally on the up, though I might need surgery.  Hoo-bloody-ray!

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August 18, 2007 at 1:53 pm

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