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[Chip off the old blog] The Ghost of Meredith Kercher

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Meredith Kercher was murdered last Friday

She had recently arrived in Italy from South London, an Erasmus exchange student for a year.  Sharing her house a good University friend (not mentioned in the article) of my sister’s, who apparently found Meredith’s body. 

I can’t imagine what it must be like to bear witness to a brutal crimescene, let alone your housemate who you were just about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life with. 

This brought me face to face with some experiences from my past.  And surprisingly, not the bad ones, but some of the best.  It struck me that I…we all…seek connections (sexual or otherwise) and I don’t think it is coincidence that, for me, the most sublime of these encounters carried the most risk.  And whilst it could have resulted in a headline as tragic as Meredith’s, 8 years on, it is something that I will never regret, in fact cherish above almost any other memory. 

It’s not that I consider myself a risk-taker, but at times one has to have more faith in humanity than would otherwise be considered prudent.  These moments we seek…are there to be found, but to make these connections, we need to strip back the layers and expose ourselves, whether emotionally or physically.  A human is a rare thing indeed – what other animal is as vulnerable as us in its natural state?  We wouldn’t even survive in the elements, let alone being hunted.  But still, without the risk of exposure, there is no reward.

Is this the human condition?  To seek out the solution to this paradox – to find those rare people, who don’t blow cold wind your way when you strip a layer back, but warm your heart so for the both of you, the layers fall away by themselves?  It’s a risky game.  To one side, a precipice where all that is sinister about mankind resides, and to the other – the promise of eternal ecstasy.  I suppose there is no choice – to try to walk the razor’s edge.  Or live our lives in shades of grey.

RIP Meredith

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