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OK OK.  It’s been an age.  I’m getting back on the old blog.

This morning two school kids got on the bus.  Upon closer inspection, I saw that they weren’t school kids, each wearing badges that said ‘Elder….and their surname’ above a quote from the bible.  It struck me as very ironic that children would be known as ‘Elders’.  I hadn’t had much contact with Mormon (Church of the Latter Day Saints) missionaries, the only other time being ten years prior.  

The blue eyed boy was new to town and was trying to understand why the internet was running so slowly, proclaiming that the computer was broken.  Sitting next to him at the only other internet PC in the province, I explained to him that the internet just ran that slowly in this particularly remote corner of Outer Mongolia.

I know it’s the Mormon way – to send their men on two-year missions when they come of age, but these boys looked scarcely 16.  I don’t know enough about the Mormon way of life or their beliefs to make any judgement.  I could only wonder how they could possibly spread the word and teach without any life experience themselves.  An awesome journey for them – I quite liked the idea of sending kids out into the world for a couple of years as a rite of passage, but how does it feel to be preached to by mere bairns? And what do nomads make of Mormon missionaries in places like Mongolia, where people have lived with Buddhist and Shamanist spritual beliefs for hundreds of  years?  Perhaps their age works for their organisation;  good emissaries with minds malleable to Joseph Smith’s word that they must spread.  Either way, I’m not sure if these earnest blue-eyed boys on the bus were here to convert the Bristolian massive, but they struggled somewhat with getting their suitcases onto the bus.  Probably packed by their  mothers, they could surely have done with their dads there to help them carry them.

Discussion on the  Church of the Latter Day Saints itself isn’t really my  bag.  There’s an interesting discussion at For anyone who knows me over in the real world too, I’ve set up a professional blog at – media related discussion and updates on my various projects over there.  More musings soon.


Written by marnova

June 11, 2009 at 11:29 am

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