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For International Women’s Day 2010, my mum was awarded a “Women Who Make A Difference Award” under the category of inspirational women.  She didn’t even know she’d be nominated by her friend.  I thought what had been written was quite touching.  It’s a bit shmaltzy but I would like to honour her by publishing her nomination:

“She came to the UK from Malaysia at a young age to pursue a career in nursing.  Having worked in the NHS as a nurse for a number of years she left her profession to set up a Chinese takeaway business with her husband. 

As a nurse, she had managed to attain a high level of English and together with her medical experience, she was highly sought after by other members of the Chinese community in Bristol and the surrounding area to provide language support at doctor’s surgeries and hospitals long before there were Translation and Intepreting departments.  She did this often at cost to herself and refused any payment from the client.

She also served on the Management Committee of the local Chinese women’s Group, of which I am the Director. S he was a very active member promoting the Group and participating in events until her accident.

Several years ago she suffered a fall for no apparent reason, other than probably missing her footing.  However, after falling over several more times she was eventually diagnosed with a neurological problem.  As her condition has deteriorated it has left her wheelchair bound to this day.

Despite her apparent disability, she continues to support many members of the Chinese community giving advice and counselling either face-to-face or over the phone.

Her determination to continue helping others, whilst coping with her own debilitating illness has inspired me to double my own efforts in helping the Chinese community.”

So on the eve of Mothers’ Day I salute my mum.  We have had our differences, but she has been an inspiration – always being inclusive and helping so many people and family along the way despite her own challenges.  She has changed people’s lives with her generosity.

Taking flight

Taking flight


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March 13, 2010 at 3:16 pm