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Deep + Meaningful = Pretension

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Monologue from the distant mind of a once-upon-a-time student film maker…
Words without images:

“Suddenly everything is empty and meaningless, surely some good must come from this.  Am I just another of the Prozac generation?  Hello, don’t cry…take a pill, wave your fears goodbye.  

I think and I philosophise deep and meaningful thoughts.  What use are they?  Another poem about suicide is all we need.  Another film about depression and death.  I hate all this darkness.  I want colour.  Light.  Fun.  Happiness…but they don’t belong to me anymore. 

Grow up?  And what will that be?  Shaking off these insecurities and being happy smiley people that say, “How are you doing?” and look scared if you say, “Not very well actually,”  or will we grow to be a nation of people making the sounds of love lost, revenge and The End?”  Will we sit here and watch the pictures pass us by.  Sigh and say, ‘Wasn’t that sad?  How very meaningful.’  And analyse the film for the next week with our friends and cyber-friends.  Will it totally change your life for a week, or will you dismiss it as another overwrought, pent-up social misfit mistakenly being allowed an expression.  

Do we really believe that we can change the world with our work.  Or is this a mistaken understanding that we ever learn?” 

Images without words:

Just one frame

Just one frame (Trish Ng as Mia)

Just another frame

Just another frame

Yet another frame

Yet another frame


Written by marnova

April 8, 2010 at 10:13 pm

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