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No one should put anything online they they aren’t prepared for people to ‘share’ (by whatever means) as that is the beauty and main benefit of online media. Although it continues to surprises how much a magazine can do with a low res image from a website, realistically they can’t do anything of real commercial value and have little defence if they have had to chop your watermark off. At least Pinterest provides by default linkback to the source (shame if people pin without this). The world is changing and photographers need to keep up with this, or risk ending up like the music industry ex-fatcats who kept trying to protect their position instead of realising too late the potential of the online consumer and then scrambling to play catchup. Pinterest is a great way for photographers, artists etc to gain exposure with a whole different section of the market. The reality is that IP law in this kind of area is still developing and can be open to interpretation so there’s unlikely to be a clear answer any time soon.


Written by marnova

February 27, 2012 at 3:07 am

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