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Free Internet Dating Advice for Men

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Octavio Aburto for National Geographic

Octavio Aburto for National Geographic

  • If you are claiming you are a writer, best check you have spelt writer correctly and can punctuate…and type…and write…
  • …no, text speak is not OK either
  • Best not to include ‘maniac’ in your ID
  • No, pictures of you LARPing (Live Action Role Playing where you dress up as a pixie in the woods) is not a good idea
  • Do not use a movie character you aspire to as your handle, however cool they are…such as Tyler Durden…from Fight Club. AS IF!
  • Try being in the same country for starters “I live in Spain/Algeria/Nigeria…but I can go to visit you in London” SERIOUSLY?!!
  • Try to use a photo that looks vaguely like you if you don’t want your date to sit in stunned silence trying to work out how your photo was taken…
  • Looking normal in your first photo then dressing in your favourite latex cat outfit will only end in confusion
  • No knives, not on the first date anyway. That goes for the gals too, you can ask Willard Foxton all about that (google it…)

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March 9, 2012 at 3:42 am

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