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An Age of Innocence

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Everything vintage is super in-vogue at the moment.  But vintage means so many things, it can mean anything.  When I think of vintage, I think of muted colours, decorative details, fanciful sweet embellishments and lashings of romance.  Everything that every girl loves in her wedding styling and photography right now.

I’m generally a modern day photographer – photographing and working in our times.  I occasionally veer off into a project inspired by Chinese traditions, but in the main stay quite contemporary.  However, there is still something very attractive about vintage photography and for me, that is capturing an age of innocence, relatively speaking.

Courtesy of Rob Heslop, a local Strobist, I recently had the opportunity to do some studio work in the style of 1950s US pinups.  What I love about this style is that it’s cheeky and saucy,  but not sleazy or slutty.  From a time when women were women and men were men (for better or worse!)  It didn’t help my Mad Men obsession one bit though…for all his flaws, I mourn for the loss of the Don Drapers of this world.

Oh the pictures? Here are a few of my favourites…excuse the lighting if you will, I’m still dabbling. Always learning.

He's on the phone

Heels over head

Up close


Mr President

Come play with me
Jackie O

Street racer

Rebel without a cause

Tip top




In the spotlight


Credits & full set on Flickr


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November 22, 2010 at 4:49 pm


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…out of my shell. So I’ve been silent a little while. A little distant from those virtual and physical. Sorry about that folks.

I will admit that Twitter has been taking up some of my time (catch me over there – Marnova, you got it in one) and also my photography (check out link to the right, it needs updating but it’s a start!)

I received a card that made me smile today.  An Edward Monkton card about my inner pasta and the various types.  My friend wrote that she didn’t think I could ever be categorized and also indicated the route to go and visit her before signing off with a drawing of a birthday chair.  Whatever one of those is.

Thanks Moosie, I won’t be such a stranger!

In the meantime, check out this ‘Hammers and Strings’ project by Clayton Austin  He is dragging a piano around the United States and doing different photoshoots with him (for anyone looking historically, check out Sep/Oct 2010)


Now, the images are stunning – I love the locations.  Pianos are beautiful, romantic and majestic objects, but in these photos, the piano seems incidental to this photoset, there is no sense of any relationship between the people in the pictures and the piano – they lounge across it indifferently as if could be a chaise lounge or stand by it as if it were not there.  This piano has been through stones, high water, fire and there is something very sad about sacrificing a piano in the name of art.

In days bygone, the piano was the life and soul of the fortunate establishment/household that had one.  It had the power to bring strangers and family together, gathering around it, uniting in revelry. In the right hands, it brings joy to the player and the listener.  These days, space is at a premium and pianos are falling out of vogue. They have become little more than redundant pieces of furniture.  And that is a crying shame indeed.  They are precious gifts – during Communism, most musical instruments were banned, considered frivolous.  Instruments are made to be played and with only a little TLC, life can be breathed back into one creaking at the joints.  My own piano I saved from a scrapheap fate. It only takes for someone to play it now and again to keep it conditioned and alive and in return it enriches our lives.  I love my piano very much and would keep it over my television.  Is that a more controversial statement than it seems to be to me?

I would rather see a series like this that honours the handsome and noble character of this fine piano. OK, so I am a piano geek.  I didn’t realise that until today.  So, check out Clayton’s beautiful images, perhaps it is testament to their power that they made me realise this about myself

Requiem for a piano

Written by marnova

October 25, 2010 at 4:34 pm