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Warrior days

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Now, I never thought I’d be inspired by anything Clive Owen said or did, but inspired and heartened I was by his views on monogamy and family.

Clive Owen as King Arthur

In this fickle age where marriages can last days or months and relationships come and go faster than fashion fads, commitment is a rare thing. With co-stars like Angelina Jolie and Eva Mendes finding him sexy, it’s refreshing to read that he says he would never have an affair…

“I so value what I’ve got at home with my wife and kids that I’ve never f**ked with that…For me, that’s what it’s about…My relationship is everything to me…I’m often doing incredibly exciting plays and films, but that would mean nothing if I were floating around and didn’t have a solid family behind me. Sarah-Jane is an absolute diamond.”

I’m excited that any modern man can feel like that and honour and cherish their family above all else. Oh, and he is finally turning into a reasonable actor too. Watching his recent turn as King Arthur, it made me wonder where the warriors of our world have gone – those men who fight for love and cause with braveness and integrity. There is no modern day equivalent and all women can weep for that.


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April 11, 2011 at 12:12 pm

[Chip off the old blog] Virtual films

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Fixing my computer – what a chore. At least we’re past the winter solstice and the sun’s coming back out to play. In my efforts to distract myself today, I came across a script for one of my films. Here is part of one of the voiceovers (pretty miserable stuff – hope it does not depress). Will add to if I come across anything worthwhile.

Unstoppable Yellow? (1997)

…suddenly everything is empty and meaningless. Surely some good must come from this? Am I just another of the Prozac generation? Hello, dont cry, take a pill, wave your fears goodbye.

I think and I philosophise. Deep and meaningful thoughts. What use are they? Another poem about suicide is all we need. Another film about depression and death.

I hate all this darkness. I want colour. Light. Fun. Happiness. But they don’t belong to me anymore.

Grow up? And what will that be? Shaking off these insecurities and being happy smiley people that say, ‘How are you doing?’ and look scared if you say, ‘Not very well actually. ‘

Or will we grow to be a nation of people making the sounds of love lost, revenge and The End? Will we sit here and watch the pictures pass us by? Sigh and say, ‘Wasnt that sad?’ ‘How very meaningful.’ And analyse the film for the next week with our friends and cyber-friends.

Will it totally change your life for a week, or will you dismiss it as another overwrought, pent-up social misfit mistakenly being allowed an expression? Do we really believe that we can change the world with our work? Or is this a mistaken understanding that we ever learn.

Trish Ng as Mia

Sui Tung, 1996?

Stavroulla Constanti as the child

Unnamed (2005-6)

Cast of a thousand (they’re not rocks…)

The rescuers random horseman checking out our vehicle

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January 17, 2006 at 5:19 pm

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